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In English

Happy to help you in English, too! My name is Eva Teittinen and I provide dog services in Turku and near areas. I have studied dog training since 2015 and my training methods are based on positive reinforcement and good relationship with the dog. Understanding the dog and its way to communicate with us is very important for me. Enriching the dogs life is crucial and if you wish to come spend some quality time with your dog sniffing around searching for treats, let me know! This kind of activity is 10€/30min (two dogs at the same time) or 20€/30min (no other dogs present). This is a great way to come visit the training place, me and do some stress relieving activity with your dog. Great for rescue dogs!

The group cources are in Finnish. You can get training in English on private lessons (50€/hour) or book a lesson for 2-4 people (15€/owner). We can focus on basic behaviours, loose leash walking, tricks... you name it! We can meet in my training place (Inkilänkatu 4, Turku) or I can come where you wish. Travel fees are added outside Turku and Maaria-Paattinen area (0,43e/km).

I do dogsitting services too! I visit the dog at his home, it can be a short visit or a longer stay. The basic prices are:

  • First meet with the owner before the visits 10€
  • Quick visit max 30min/15€
  • Basic visit 50min/25€
  • Visits over 2 hours 30€/h
  • Overnight 150€/12h

I'm a reseller for several products for the dog and the owner, you can check my shop!

If you wish to order anything from VIPstore, let me know!

Don't hesitate to contact and ask for more info:

040 7376264 (WhatsApp, too!)

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